This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
I highly recommend you check this out and cure diabetes like I did. Maxine

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How I Faced My Diabetes Diagnosis and Why I Decided To Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Getting diagnosed with diabetes is a rude awakening! I remember how stunned I was when I was first told I had it. The person who told me did so in a rather cold way as almost an afterthought since I was there for an entirely different reason. Once the news sunk in and I got over the initial shock, I went into a period of denial. 2 months later, I remember sitting in the doctor's office and watching several people enter the office in wheelchairs because their feet and lower limbs had been amputated. I remember seeing some very scary looking diabetic ulcers. I remember seeing a woman who got winded just walking from the parking lot into the office. I remember thinking to myself that I did never wanted to be in their shoes and then I realized I was well on my way to being them. I would be the one in the wheelchair if I didn't take drastic steps. I would be the one winded after only a few steps if I didn't change my ways. I also remember seeing a very over-weight and very sweet 14 year old girl with type 2 diabetes ask her Mom if it was time get her insulin injection. I remember thinking, "What is the world coming to?!"

That waiting room probably did more to motivate me than anything the doctors or the nurses said to me. It was actually seeing with my own eyes where diabetes can take you. It was actually witnessing how low the quality of life can become if you don't reverse your diabetes. It also showed me that insulin and oral medication doesn't do much to put you back on the right track. The doctor and the nurses kept urging me to learn how to "control it" and "manage it" but never once did I hear them say learn how to "reverse it" or "cure it."

All I can say now is thank goodness I became determined that I wasn't going to let my type 2 diabetes ruin the rest of my life or shorten my lifespan significantly. I was over-weight and out of shape with a bad diet that was slowly killing me. I remember thinking that I absolutely needed to turn over a new leaf and make some major changes to my life before it was too late. As a person who had always been interested in home remedies and the natural power of food, I remember thinking that I needed to do some independent research and not just accept the "sentence" the medical community had given me to me. I felt like they were sentencing me to 15 years shorter lifespan, chronic fatigue, joint pain, eventual heart problems, eventual kidney problems, eventual eye problems, and the yo yo effect of the diabetes medication they wanted to put me on for the rest of my life.

I did not want the above. I took the medicine temporarily but I knew in my mind that I rejected the traditional medicine approach. I wanted the diabetes gone. I wanted to cure the diabetes completely. I was convinced by my preliminary research that you COULD cure diabetes, not just manage it! Thus began my serious quest to dig deep and read all the literature I could find on how to cure type 2 diabetes naturally. I was like a woman possessed and would talk about it with anyone who would listen! I made up my mind that I was going to reverse my diabetes naturally.

I remember how resolute I was when I told the first doctor that I was going to reverse diabetes naturally and that I did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life. The look on his face made me know in an instant that he was not on board with this idea. I tried to talk with him about it but as I did I began to realize that there would never be any way to sway him. If I stayed with this doctor it would be an ongoing struggle to get him to cooperate with my goal. I remember telling him that I did not like the fact that he was assuming that my diabetes would progress to the point where I would have to have insulin injections instead of just taking oral medication. I remember leaving his office that day determined to find a new doctor. And... I remember shopping around for a new doctor because the first one did not seem like he was going to be supportive of my reversing my diabetes through diet and other natural means.

I did find a very good doctor that was willing to work with me on reversing my diabetes naturally. In fact, every time I met when him and he saw the results he became more of a believer. He became one of my biggest cheerleaders and I appreciated his support more than he'll ever know.

The success I had in reversing my diabetes was very rapid and very motivating so I charged ahead. I wasn't satisfied with just lowering my A1c. I wanted it in the normal range. My doctor told me that most type 2 diabetics are really happy if they can get their HbA1c (A1c) under 7. He said he would be really happy if I could get it to under 6.5. I WAS happy to get there but I also wanted to keep going... and I did. My A1c has been between 5-6 for a very long time now! This is square in the normal range, not borderline.

As I began to talk to others, including both my friends and complete strangers, I realized that one of the worst things about getting the dreaded type 2 diabetes diagnosis is how depressed you can get. Having to be tied to taking medicine and picking your finger all the time is no fun. Then the way you feel is not good either. The idea that it seems to be a foregone conclusion by the medical establishment that once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you ARE going to get worse. All you can do is slow it down seems to be the message they give diabetics. HOW DEPRESSING!!!

What people need is hope. And... I don't mean pretend hope but REAL hope. They need a straightforward recipe to how they CAN cure their diabetes through diet and other natural means.

What I suggest to anyone who has diabetes or pre-diabetes is to really study up BEFORE you talk with your doctor about reversing diabetes naturally. Arm yourself with solid well researched information. Start using food to cure yourself right away and schedule an appointment with your doctor. Let him or her know in advance that you'll need some extra time to talk with them. Then, if your doctor does not seem to be in favor of the natural approach or seems to believe there is no way you can reverse diabetes, I strongly recommend you leave that doctor (on good terms if at all possible) and shop around for a new doctor who will support the natural approach and work with you to get off your medications safely if you are already on them.

The easiest way to get all the information you need on how to reverse diabetes naturally is to get this report and read it very carefully. Read it more than once. Read it several times if you have to. But you need the right information all laid out in one source. The link I am providing is a comprehensive report that is extremely well-researched and has been reviewed by doctors. It is far better than others I've seen. Don't depend on trying to get pieces of the puzzle from various places around the internet. Yes, you can learn some valuable information (like on my site) but it will not be comprehensive and it will leave important steps out. I've also seen a lot of incorrect information on the net so be very careful of your source. Check out resource I've linked above. I think you will be very impressed.

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