This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

How California Prop 37 Will Effect Everyone - Diabetics In Every State

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Prop 37 is of the utmost importance to ALL diabetics - NOT just those that live in California.... read on to learn why....

In fact, it is extremely important to all consumers who want to eat healthy food, prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes from developing, and provide healthy food to their families... read on to learn why...

Prop 37 is a "yes" or "no" California State ballot measure. The vote will take place in November during the presidential election! Californians will be deciding whether or not state law will REQUIRE food manufacturers to tell the consumer ON THE FOOD LABEL if the food contains GMO ingredients. It will also require a special sign for all GMO produce sold in stores.

Remember readers, it is believed by many that GMO foods cause elevated high blood sugar (i.e. type 2 diabetes) and many other health issues. GMO foods may not kill you instantly but they can certainly contribute to chronic diseases that kill you slowly, ruin your quality of life, and erase 15 years off your lifespan!

If you want to reverse diabetes naturally, you need to know if there are GMO ingredients so you can avoid eating them!

I was discussing this with a friend of mine who is diabetic the other day. She lives on the East Coast of the US and at one point during the conversation she said, "I guess it's not going to affect me."

Well, I hate to tell my friends they are wrong and I usually avoid it... but this is such an important issue, I just had to inform her that she was wrong and explain how if this law passes in California, it will indeed affect every consumer in the nation... and in fact, it may very well affect every consumer in the world -- for the good because we truly NEED to know when there is GMO in our food!

The State of California is a very large economy, the largest in the US in fact. Most of the food sold in the US is now controlled by only a few super large multi-national corporations. It's not like these corporations are going to want to just stop selling in California. They'd lose too much money! And... if they have to label food as GMO in one state, the largest state economy in the nation, it will be more cost effective for them to just do it for all states because to create a special labeling for just California and send special shipments to one state would cost too much and would be too complicated.

So, if California voters pass the GMO labeling law, it WILL affect every diabetic and every consumer in the entire nation and perhaps in the entire world.

Of course the food industry is up in arms about this and they have spent more than $25 million so far to try to defeat this proposition. Monsanto tops this list (no surprise!) and as of Aug 15th, had already spent $4,208,000. Dupont comes in at a close second spending $4,025,200. Other companies that have spent more than a million dollars to defeat Prop 37 include ConAgra Foods, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Pepsico, and Bayer. The amount of money they are spending should tell you how very important this potential new law is for EVERYONE, not just Californians.

This is VERY personal to me. I know that my poor diet was one of the main reasons I developed type 2 diabetes. How do I know? Because I've been able to REVERSE my diabetes by changing my diet and get my HbA1c back to normal! One of the most important things I do is avoid all gmo foods! I get so frustrated when I read silly reports telling diabetics to avoid foods like shrimp and coconut oil when it is really things like GMO foods, trans fat, and high fructose corn syrup (all products of the modern industrialized food process) that they should REALLY be worried about! People by and large are still unaware of how much GMO food they are really eating. It is in almost all processed food as some form of GMO corn, GMO soy, or as the supposedly "healthy" (ha) GMO canola oil!

We all need to pitch in to make sure Prop 37 passes! This is especially true for those of us who either have a chronic disease we are trying to reverse or have a beloved family member or friend who is going through this. Also, I would think that parents in particular would want to make sure that in the future all our packaged foods are labeled with whether or not they contain GMO ingredients. This is already done in every European nation. The only reason it hasn't been done here yet is how powerful the food lobby is! It is high time that the power of the consumer is heard more loudly than the lobbyists!

How can you help get Prop 37 passed if you live in another state? We can all help by spreading the word. I have written this article on my "Reverse Diabetes Naturally - How To Cure Diabetes Like I Did" blog and placed a prominent link on the sidebar so that it will be seen on every page of the site... you are welcome to link directly to my site from your blog, site, twitter account, facebook wall, newsletter, or through private emails. I will be tweeting out messages about Prop 37 as well. If you follow the link and follow me @diabetes1933 you can retweet my tweets -- let's get these messages to go viral!!!. Then of course word of mouth is also very important. One friend talking to another friend is always one of the most effective methods in any grassroots effort -- and that's exactly what we need: a grassroots effort only with a new modern spin added to the effort: social media!! Please help me by retweeting. Also, if you leave a comment with your tweeter account and tweet about this, I will try to retweet yours as well.

Another thing we can all do is talk to each other about the deception that is being spewed out right now by the food industry and the biotech companies who are spending millions to try to fool the California voters and others into thinking that GMO labeling would actually be a bad thing. For diabetics who are trying to reverse their diabetes through food and other natural means it is absolutely imperative that we KNOW exactly what is in our food so we can avoid this frankenfood which has become part of the industrialized food supply that is poisoning us and making diseases like heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and type 2 diabetes skyrocket.

Remember to visit my twitter page and retweet. I'm going to try to tweet about this as much as possible. Also, please do include a link to this information as widely as possible. We can all party with a big non-GMO feast when Prop 37 passes!

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