This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
I highly recommend you check this out and cure diabetes like I did. Maxine

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Diabetic Food Fallacies Feedback & Rose Petals

Hi Everyone. For those who live in the United States, I hope you had a Happy 4th of July yesterday! I've been getting some really positive feedback on my last article on diabetic food fallacies (to read it, just click on the link).

 It seems people are very appreciative to learn what foods REALLY causes diabetes and what foods help reverse diabetes and cure it!! Hint: it is not a super low carb diet as many people would have you believe.

I also wanted to mention I have found a new use for my heirloom roses. I've been eating the rose petals and they are delicious and also highly nutritious! It turns out that all roses are edible -- they more in vogue to eat a few centuries ago. I add them to salads and they provide such beautiful color. They have a mildly sweet taste but I've noticed this sometimes comes out more when I slightly cook the petals by wilting them in the skillet with a little oil. I've been adding them to stir-fries at the last minute. You'll have to add a bunch because they are mostly water and basically "disappear!" They have a very high amount of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant for diabetics and they contain many other micronutrients. I am finding that eating lots of wild foods and "alternate foods" is a great way to ensure I get the micronutrients I need to keep my diabetes from coming back

If you want to cure diabetes, and I do mean COMPLETELY reverse it, not just control the symptoms, click on the red button at the top of this page for detailed step by step instructions. You may also want to go ahead and read my diabetic food fallacies article linked above and learn about GMO corn and other important topics that you really need to know.