This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
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Friday, July 22, 2011

My Blood Sugar Experiement - I Really HAVE Cured My Diabetes!

I am really excited about the results of my recent blood sugar experiment and I want to share it with you. I think it is proof positive that I have cured my diabetes. Remember, when I was first diagnosed with diabetes, my readings were really high and I turned that around in only 5 months. (Update: if I knew then what I now know from this scientific research, I would have been able to reverse my diabetes in under a mont.h) I was on diabetes medication at first, even insulin in the hospital, but I am no longer take any diabetes medications and all of my HgA1C tests (a much better indicator than blood sugar overall) come back in the normal range.

One of the true tests of whether or not you've cured your diabetes is to determine if you can occasionally eat a big helping of carbs and not have your blood sugar spike too high. This is a strong indicator that you are not just "managing" your diabetes with a low carb diet but you have actually addressed the underlying cause of the diabetes - i.e. it is NOT just about eating fewer carbs.

Let me explain a bit more before I give you the results of my experiment. A non-diabetic person's blood sugar won't spike more than about 20 points (maybe as much as 25-30 points if they really go over-board) after a really high carb meal or snack because the body's hormonal system is well-tuned to deal with the sudden surge of carbs and it compensates for it. However, when a person who has diabetes eats a lot of carbs in one sitting, their blood sugar can spike 50 points, 100 points, or even more! This is because their illness - their diabetes - has damaged their cell membranes so much and thrown their hormonal system so far out of whack, it simply doesn't have the normal ability to compensate for the surge of extra carbs. In other words, their body does not function properly, and as a result, diabetics can not handle extra carbs without their blood sugar spiking way out of control.

Please note that I am NOT suggesting you should or could over-indulge in carbs all the time after you've cured your diabetes. If you continually do this, in fact, you could over time develop diabetic symptoms again (but probably still not as severe as you may have had before if you stay away from trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, and other artificial and unhealthy foods that cause diabetes) - it's NOT just about carbs I promise.

Okay, now that I have that important caveat out of the way, it is natural (even in the cave man days when they came across a good patch of wild grapes or found a good honey hole) for a human being to eat an occasional meal that contains an extra high count of carbs and a human body that is in good health is designed to handle this. If you have truly cured your diabetes - reversed it completely - you should be able to eat an occasional high carb meal or snack with no ill effects.

Another sign that your body is cured of the ill effects of diabetes is when your blood sugar returns to the state it was originally within 2 hours (approximately) after you eat the high carb meal or snack. In diabetics, their blood sugar often remains very elevated for many hours after eating lots of carbs. This elevated blood sugar is what causes all the complications diabetics usually experience like heart disease, kidney disease, and blindness, and why they are so desperate to lower their blood sugar. Sometimes after the dangerous rise in blood sugar it comes crashing down - a blood sugar roller coaster ride which is really hard on the body.

Last weekend, I put this to the test by treating myself to one of my very favorite high carb indulgences - an extra large helping of vanilla bean ice cream. For the purposes of this experiment, I even allowed myself to eat the whole pint! It was organic and contained no high fructose corn syrup as most ice creams now have (VERY BAD - stay away from this!!). Besides the dairy lactose, the main carb was organic cane sugar. The total carbs in the pint I ate (yes, I was a piggie) were a whopping 84 grams of carbs which I ate over about a 15-20 minute period.

I took my blood sugar before I ate the ice cream (it was mid afternoon about half way between lunch time and dinner time) and then again 15 minutes after I ate the ice cream and then again 2 hours after I ate the ice cream.  There were 3 readings in all.

My blood sugar was 112 before I ate the ice cream. More precisely, it was 112 mg/dl. 15 minutes after I ate the ice cream, it rose a little to 126 mg/dl. After 2 hours, it had come back down almost to the original reading and was at 116 mg/dl.

I am elated with these results and I think my experiment provides proof that I have actually CURED my diabetes, not just "managed" it through a low carb diet (I do eat a lower carb diet than I used to but not extremely low by any means) and other natural means - and remember I am no longer on any kind of prescription diabetes medication - in other words, my body handled the sugary carbs all by itself with no help of any medication!! It is such a good feeling to know that I have truly reversed my diabetes to the point I no longer have significant surges in blood sugar when I occasionally eat a big helping of sugary carbs. And... my blood sugar returns to normal 2 hours later. This is how a healthy person's body responds to a super load of carbs! Someone with diabetes could not handle those sudden 84 carbs without a significant surge in blood sugar (followed by a possible crash in blood glucose). So I am truly cured.

If I can cure my diabetes, so can you! Yippee Ti Yi Yea!!!

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