This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reverse Diabetes Naturally - My Personal Experience

Important: Please note that I wrote the post below going on four years ago (May 15, 2010) and I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes only a few months before. I was already heavy into research on how to reverse diabetes but I definitely know more now than I knew then. Be sure to read the important update at the end.

Here's my personal story:

I'm a newly diagnosed diabetic and I'm determined to reverse diabetes naturally through diet, exercise, finding ways to reduce my stress, and other natural means.

I went to the doctor recently for a general checkup. It had been about 3 years since I had been to the doctor. I know this is bad but I'm more of a heal yourself kind of person and I'm basically terrified of any kind of medical procedure. Anyway, they drew blood and I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. Not only was my blood sugar over 200, my HgAc1 test came back initially as 10.6! In other words, it was considered severe diabetes. This was very unpleasant news to say the least! Quite frankly, it took a couple of weeks I think for this news to fully sink in. I think I was in denial at first. Diabetes runs in my family on my father's side with my father having the worst of it. He had terrible circulation problems in his feet and legs and it affected his eyesight as well (so much so he had trouble driving in the end). He didn't take care of himself. He almost never got any exercise and basically refused to change his diet, although we pleaded with him to do so. He died at the young age of 49. I do not plan to follow in his footsteps.

On the other side of the coin, my father's mom, my paternal Grandmother, always took very good care of herself. However, she was still diagnosed in the early 70's with what they then called "borderline diabetes" which they commonly refer to now as "pre diabetes." Her blood sugar was a little higher than the high end of the normal range but not high enough to take insulin. These days most doctors would have probably put her on oral medication but in the 1970s doctors still prescribed dietary changes sometimes rather than automatically doling out prescription drugs.  I was just a kid then but I remember how determined she was to not let it get any worse. She started walking more and she closely watched her diet. Not only did she not let it get any worse, she reversed her borderline diabetes. My Grandmother is now 90 years old and she's in terrific shape for her age. Her blood sugar is completely NORMAL now every time she goes to the doctor for a check up they have been for years. In fact, she's often on the low end of the normal range. She's very active for her age and stays mentally sharp. She goes to church every week, does her own shopping, keeps up with all her own affairs, loves to laugh and spend time with her family, and does many other activities with friends. She's also a joy to be around --- and she's diabetes free!

My Grandmother has always been an inspiration to me. I'm determined to follow in her footsteps and reverse my diabetes naturally. I would love to hear from other people who have reversed their diabetes with diet and other natural ways. Please leave me a comment.

Update: I HAVE reversed my diabetes using this basic method even though this method is a bit more refined through research and my blood tests have come back normal every time I've had it tested. I am now on a personal mission to help other diabetics reverse their diabetes too. If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, I high recommend you go to the top of this page and click on the red button. The information could literally change your whole life. It is the most comprehensive source and best researched information I've seen to reversing diabetes. I do provide lots of information here on this blog but to really do it, to really reverse your diabetes, you're going to need every detail to follow and I just don't have the time to post every detail here. I've learned that there are several steps you need to take and if you skip just one, you may not reverse your diabetes, although you may help control it - but I want you to understand you can CURE diabetes, not just control it. Check out the reference I provide at the top of this and and let me know what you think.

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