This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
I highly recommend you check this out and cure diabetes like I did. Maxine

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How To Reverse Diabetes - 2 Things To Do Immediately!

I am so happy that the word is out - type 2 diabetes CAN be reversed through diet and other natural means. However, if you are searching for "how to reverse diabetes" online, you could possibly be misled by some websites to think that there is a single thing you should do to reverse diabetes. This is not the truth. There are actually SEVERAL steps you should take, most simultaneously, to reverse diabetes and you really need to follow all of them to make sure it works. The best comprehensive source of information that shows you all the steps to reversing diabetes that I have found is this one (this link will take you there).

However, having said the above, I think there are two things that you should do immediately while you are learning about the other things. In fact, I would say these things are so important that if you don't do them, they could literally prevent you from reversing your diabetes even if you are doing everything else correctly.

The two things are as follows:

1. COMPLETELY eliminate trans fat from your diet. Please note that this does not mean to just reduce trans fat or to eat trans fat in moderation. This means completely eliminate it 100% from your diet. If you even suspect something contains trans fat, don't eat it. There are many ways that you could possibly be getting trans fat without even knowing it. I do suggest you read my articles on how heating otherwise healthy trans fat can create trans fat, how canola oil contains trans fat even though it is not labeled that way (another article on coconut oil and diabetes), and how to identify trans fat on a food label.

2. You should also immediately and completely eliminate ALL high fructose corn syrup from your diet. Again, this means 100% eliminate it from your diet, not just reduce it. Read all food labels and look for the acronym HFCS as well as the word spelled out. Also note that "corn sugar" may be used in the future to replace the phrase "high fructose corn syrup."

Okay, I'm now adding a third action you should immediately take to this list and that is DETOX. Look for my information on how to detox in the archives. The source I linked above has a lot more information on how to do this safely as well.

Type 2 diabetes did not even exist before trans fat was introduced into the food supply and was responsible for the very rapid rise in this new disease in the 1930's. The second rapid rise in type 2 diabetes occurred in the 1970's when high fructose corn syrup was introduced into the food supply in a big way.

So, my advice to you is to completely and immediately eliminate these 2 things from your diet which you read and digest this information to learn the other steps you need to take. Keep in mind that I am speaking from experience as I myself have reversed my diabetes and I am on a personal quest to help others do the same. This disease is not even natural. It is a disease of modern world with all the toxins in our food supply. Luckily,  there are ways you can reverse it.

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