This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Help Me Convince Trader Joe's Not To Use Canola Oil In Their Products

Two days ago I posted a very long article entitled, "What Is Canola Oil and Should Diabetics Avoid It?" The bottom line take home message was to warn diabetics of all the dangers of including canola oil in their diet and to avoid the stuff like the plaque. Canola oil only makes diabetes worse and its widespread use starting in the 1990's is probably partially responsible for our current diabetes epidemic. If you have not had a chance to read this article and you don't know how bad for you canola oil is for you, please click on the link above and read through the article carefully.

Trader Joe's has a policy that they do not include genetically modified products (GMO) in their store branded products. However, I have noticed canola oil is in a significant number of their store branded products. Since the vast majority of canola oil is a genetically modified product, I talked with the store manager at my local Trader Joe's and asked him how they could have this policy of no GMO ingredients and still have canola oil in so many of their products. He told me that Trader Joe's uses only canola oil that is not GMO. I told him that even if they made an effort to use non-GMO rapeseed to produce canola oil that most of that is highly contaminated with GMO (this has been tested and makes sense since it is wind pollinated).  I also attempted to explain to him all the OTHER problems with canola oil, such as it being full of trans fat (which causes type 2 diabetes to develop and will prevent you from curing it!) due to the processing, but he told me there was nothing he could do. He also said the way to get these things changed is to contact the home office directly and he suggested doing so through the website.

So, I am asking my readers to please contact Trader Joe's through their website (click the link and it will take you straight to their contact form) and explain to them why you don't want them to remove canola oil as an ingredient in all of their products. If you are diabetic, you may want to mention this as well. You may want to explain to them that food is medicine for the diabetic and canola oil is essentially poison. Trader Joe's is known for working with their manufacturers to institute ingredient substitutions so if enough of us contact them, we can make a difference. I have told them that I read the food labels on every Trader Joe's product I buy and if it has canola oil, I will not buy it.

One of the main reasons so many food manufacturers use canola oil is because it is so much cheaper than other oils. I have told Trader Joe's that I would be willing to pay a little more for a product that contained a healthy oil like coconut oil and olive oil instead of canola oil. You may want to do the same as this may motivate them even more. Thank you for helping guys!

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  1. I read your article, then did some more research (I've been reading about this for a while) and found Spectrum offers a great explanation and talks about how they test their oils and seeds of the rapeseed in order to verify no wind drift contamination has occured. Not sure you can demonize all Canola oils as I don't think they are all processed the same.

    Thanks for touching on this, because it is at least worth thinking about and then looking into and deciding for yourself.

    Cheers and happy and healthy eating,

  2. Hi Ginny, I'm glad you are researching canola oil. I read through the link you provided and truthfully, I do not think it provides anywhere near enough information for diabetics who want to reverse diabetes or for those who just want to stay health and not develop diseases like type 2 diabetes. I also do not think a commercial site selling the product is the best source of unbiased information. I encourage you and others to read my very long article on canola oil:

    I do enjoy the ORGANIC and UNREFINED version of Spectrum's Coconut oil (although it is much cheaper at Trader Joe's). However, I do not like the fact that they also sell REFINED coconut oil which I would encourage everyone to avoid. The organic unrefined is a couple of dollars more expensive and I've noticed some grocers do not sell it for this reason which is a shame. At any rate, organic unrefined coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils you can use and it the perfect substitute for canola oil.

    One more quick point: canola oil that is NOT labeled as organic is most likely made with GMO canola. That includes the Spectrum brand unfortunately.