This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Can Picking a Rose Cure Diabetes?

Can picking a rose cure diabetes? Ok, that's a provocative title for a post, right? Well, I don't mean of course that simply picking a rose all by itself can cure diabetes but I use this example as a way to say that "little things" like picking a rose matter because they all add up.

I have an heirloom rose bush in my yard which for the last several weeks has been producing the most beautiful dark pink, almost red, roses. I've been enjoying them every day from the deck. Yesterday, I finally decided to take the time to pick one to bring inside to enjoy. I put it in a bud vase on the desk by my computer. The fragrance of this rose was so sublime I found myself taking long deep sniffs of it all day as I worked on the computer and while I did some household chores. This one little rose gave me an immense amount of joy which translated into my day being less stressful and more filled with inner peace.

Take time to smell the roses!

Trite but soooo true!

I'm sure you've heard that expression but I bet you never considered how important it really is to take the time to do those little things that give you pure joy. This is important for everyone as it is part of having good mental health. Research is showing more examples all the time where good mental health translates to good physical health... or perhaps more accurate, bad mental health can cause a whole cascade of physical problems, including type 2 diabetes.

For diabetics who are trying to cure their diabetes naturally, reducing stress is a KEY factor. I really can't stress this enough (hey, that was a pun but I didn't realize it at first!). STRESS causes cortisol levels to go up in your body and this causes weight gain, resistance to weight loss, higher insulin levels, slower to react endocrine system, and a whole host of other health hazards we are only beginning to understand.

This much we know for absolute sure: the less stress you have the better! The less stress the easier it will be to cure diabetes.

Modern society has become so rushed in some ways. We have all these time saving machines like washing machines, dishwashers, and cars. However, we still seem to have less time to enjoy the simple things.... or do we really?

My contention is that we really DO have the time to smell the proverbial roses (and in my case literally so) but we don't understand the importance of doing so anymore. We'd rather rush in to watch our favorite TV show or jump online. I'm not against these things, mind you. However, I just want to urge diabetics to think more about your priorities and make sure you are doing the simple things that give you great joy and lower stress. I can tell you that the beautiful fragrance of that rose I was sniffing all day gave me far more pleasure than any TV show or movie.

Something as simple as a walk in the park to see the flowers blooming or the fall foliage can put you in a better mood for days. Taking time to visit with elderly people, both in your own family and elsewhere can also give you a happier perspective on life.

Lowering stress is very important to reversing diabetes, and in fact, if you have too much stress your body may not be able to repair itself even if you are eating the right things and avoiding the toxins in the modern food supply that are contributing to the skyrocketing diabetes rates.

Get this reverse diabetes report to learn the specific steps you need to take to cure diabetes and while you're at it, take time to smell the roses!

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