This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
I highly recommend you check this out and cure diabetes like I did. Maxine

Saturday, June 9, 2012

3 Steps to Incredible Health! With Dr. Joel Fuhrman

I am watching, or rather re-watching, a program on PBS called, "3 Steps to Incredible Health!" It is a program starring Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Although it is not specifically about reversing diabetes, Dr. Fuhrman does address diabetes specifically in his talk. I really like the fact that he specifically says he doesn't want to "control" diabetes but he wants to CURE diabetes. Way to go Dr. Fuhrman! It is so rare to hear a mainstream medical doctor put it in these terms -- but I wanted you guys to know that there ARE medical doctors out there who do believe you can cure diabetes and even know how to do it. Most doctors just want to show you how to control and manage your diabetes through medication. I've been following Dr. Fuhrman for a long time on Huffington Post and I've read many of his articles various other places as well. I respect what he has to say and I agree with him the vast majority of the time. He researches things quite well. However, if your #1 health concern is reversing diabetes, I'd point you to the information that is linked behind the big red button at the top of this page first and foremost as it is specifically aimed directly and precisely at curing type 2 diabetes (and improving type 1 diabetes as well).

Now I must tell you that if you order Dr. Joel Fuhrman's CD's, tapes, books, etc, they are very costly. The resource I link to through the red button is much cheaper and it has far more information regarding curing diabetes. However, it wouldn't hurt to also get  Fuhrman's CD's if you can afford them. By the way, I've checked and ordering them off PBS will not save you any money either but it will support your local PBS station which of course is a good thing. If money is tight, I would suggest starting with the program I have linked behind the red button up top and then later ordering Dr. Fuhrman's program if you can afford it. It is more aimed at improving your health overall and he gives excellent cooking tips.

Also, be aware that PBS re-runs this program (all over the US anyway) all the time so if you missed it today, just check your local listings and type in the name of the program, "3 Steps to Incredible Health!" or type in "Joel Fuhrman." The free TV program offers quite a bit of great information even without ordering the tapes, etc... A friend of mine in New Jersey actually found it playing on a different PBS station in her area. Usually this program runs in association with a pledge drive so be prepared for interruptions throughout asking for you to call in with a donation but of course you don't have to. It's sort of like an infomercial in style with Dr. Fuhrman talking to an audience, BUT unlike most infomercials, there really is some great info in there.

One thing I really like about what Dr. Fuhrman says is his message on the importance of micronutrients. The importance of micronutrients to maintaining health in general and in preventing diseases, including diabetes and other metabolic diseasese, is not stressed anywhere near enough in most health websites and other informational sources for good health. In fact, without micronutrients you'd have a hard time reversing ANY illness. This is something you would definitely learn about (and very specifically to how it applies to reversing diabetes) in the diabetes program I recommend to everyone. Most health experts seem so focused on carbs, fats, and proteins, they hardly ever talk about micronutrients and when they do it seems they only talk about certain minerals (the main ones) and vitamins. However, there are so many more micronutrients out there and they so incredibly important in fixing our damaged cells and our damaged endocrine system once we develop diabetes. It is important to think about food in terms of how micronutrient dense it is. Dr. Fuhrman actually says at one point that a piece of chicken is as lacking in nutrients as a piece of white bread because it has very few micronutrients. Yes -- you do need protein of course but if you just get protein, fat, and carbs but few micronutrients, your body will begin to fall apart. I plan to write more on the topic of micronutrients in the near future so stay tuned. In the meantime, get information I have linked up top and see if you can find Dr. Fuhrman's program on your PBS station.

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