This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

To Cure Diabetes You Need To Heal Your Damaged Cell Membranes

Most type 2 diabetics have damaged cell membranes from years of eating artificial foods found in the industrial age food supply. In order to cure type 2 diabetes, you need to heal these damaged cell membranes.

One food that causes damage to your cell membranes is trans fat so you will need to eliminate this entirely from your diet. Please understand that trans fat is not something you should just "eat in moderation" like an occasional scoop of ice cream. Trans fat is a poison and it has no business being inside the human body, even in small quantities.

To eliminate trans fat from your diet, you should learn how to find the hidden trans fat in food labels. You should also be aware that canola oil contains trans fat.

One of the primary constituents of healthy cell membranes are omega-3 fats. In a chemistry lab, these omega-3 fats are known as being in the "cis" formation - with all hydrogen atoms positioned on the same side of the fat molecule. When the food industry "hydrogenates" the omega-3 fat in the cis formation, it is converted to a "trans" formation - where alternating hydrogen atoms lie on opposite sides. This change in structure makes the molecule behave very differently. It is also a structure that is not found in nature the human body is not designed to handle such a structure.

For the food industry, whose primary interest is making as much money as they possibly can regardless of the health consequences, converting omega-3 trans fat into trans fat means a much longer shelf life for all the products they put it in - and they put it in almost all their processed foods. Have you ever wondered why store bought cookies almost never go bad? What about store bought crackers? This is why.

For the food industry, converting cis fats to trans fat also means they can turn really cheap oils into solids at room temperature and sell them as crisco and margarine (and all the processed foods containing them) at much higher prices. They actually have the gall to promote this as being "healthier" than the real thing that nature produces.

For consumers who eat this artificial poison (trans fat), it means a much higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes and other diseases. When you eat trans fat, it replaces the omega-3 fat in your cell membranes which makes them more insulin resistant. This is because the trans fat essentially blocks insulin from transporting glucose inside your cells. Your membranes are like the door and insulin is like the doorman. When your cells are "insulin resistant," this means that when insulin tries to open the door to escort the glucose inside, the door is fixed to not open.

This is the type of very specific information you need if you want to cure your diabetes (there's actually much more to the trans fat issue than what I've outlined here). Please check out the this information that I link to at the top of the page. It is a comprehensive source of information that you need to cure diabetes and is basically the same way I personally cured my own diabetes - i.e. it is a life saver.

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