This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
I highly recommend you check this out and cure diabetes like I did. Maxine

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Link Between Omega 3 and Type 2 Diabetes

With all the talk of insulin and prescription drugs for type 2 diabetes like metaformin, few people realize that these "standard" treatments for diabetes do nothing to actually address the underlying issues -- damaged cell membranes, malfunctioning cell receptors, and high internal cell toxicity.

The diagram to the left is a simplified illustration of a cell membrane. You may recall from high school biology class studying the double layered phospholipid cell membrane. As you can see in the diagram, "phospholipids" have a water loving head with two water repelling tails. Here's a long YouTube video on cell membranes that explains this in more detail.

I personally wish that high school biology textbooks would label these membranes a different way because I don't think most people really understand what phospholipids are. It's just one of those technical words that don't really fully register in most people's minds as to what it actually is. Instead of labeling them as "phospholipids," I wish they would label the components of these molecules instead: a phosphate head with two fat tails (fatty acids), i.e. the cell membrane is composed of mostly fat.

I bolded that statement because I think people don't realize how important fat is to the entire body, since the entire body is made up of cells and these cells all have cell membranes made of fats. Fat is not just that bulge around your waistline but also one of the most essential building blocks of life. Every cell in your body from your liver cells to your skin cells need fat to function. If you eat unhealthy fats like trans fat or canola oil (hydrogenated or not -- they are BOTH bad), these bad fats get incorporated into the cell membranes. So, instead of the cell membranes being made of heathy omega 3, bad fats get substituted in.

Why does this matter?

It has to do with cell permeability. 

Healthy normal cell membranes are "semi-permeable." This means they are permeable to the right things and not permeable to the wrong things. So, for example, healthy cell membranes are permeable to insulin so it can escort glucose into the cell after we eat. Semi-permeable also means that the toxins produced during normal metabolism inside the cell can be carried out of the cell through the semi-permeable membrane so the toxins don't build up in the cell. In other words, semi-permeable membranes retain fluidity. However, if bad fats get incorporated, cell membranes become less permeable. Some people simplify this and say they become "stiff" which is essentially true and perhaps a good way of thinking about it. More accurately though, if you eat bad fats, your cell membranes become progressively less permeable and thus progressively more insulin resistant.

This is why it is important to heal your cell membranes in order to reverse your diabetes. There are certain foods and supplements that are critical to this healing process. To learn more about the science behind this and exactly what you should and should not eat/drink, click on the red button up top. Keep listening to the video until you get to the meat of the matter. I highly recommend the information they offer as it is essentially a 1, 2, 3, etc step approach to curing diabetes using sound scientific principles. It is also NOT based on anything put out by BIG PHARMA! It is a 100% all natural approach.

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