This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists

This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why I Was Banned From Certain Diabetes Forums - and Why That Matters To You!!

Hi Everyone,

I've been debating whether or not to post this . I don't want to use this blog as a place to just vent because I want my blog to be entirely helpful to other people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and to their loved ones looking for useful practical information. HOWEVER, I think I will vent a little here because I think you all need to know about this because there is so much information out on the net that looks good on the surface but it is actually being spun by those who profit from the diabetes epidemic and/or by those that have bought into their propaganda.

I participate in various forums around the net. It is a great way to connect and learn and a great way to share what you know with people who really need it. HOWEVER, there is an ugly dark side: moderation to the extreme to keep certain information off the net that might cut into the multi-billion dollar diabetes business. In the last few months, I have signed up to participate in two of the largest diabetes forums on the net. However, when I attempted to add to the conversation regarding natural ways to reverse diabetes, and in one case just talking about my own personal experience, I was immediately banned and they refused to even communicate with me about it. I was stunned and I began to look around the net only to discover that this has happened to literally dozens (probably hundreds) of others.

It turns out that anyone that talks about any natural way to prevent and/or reverse diabetes automatically gets banned from these sites. Anyone who even shares a personal story or how they reversed their diabetes naturally gets banned permanently and immediately!!! So, I started taking a closer look at who owns these sites, who runs these sites, and how these sites are funded. Guess what? They are closely connected to the multi-billion dollar diabetes "industry." This includes the pharmaceutical companies, traditional medicine specialists, and certain non-profit organizations that are in their camp as well. They are all profiting from the pharmaceuticals that diabetics have to take the rest of their lives, the ongoing testing, the medical checkups, all the diabetic equipment being sold, and all the various jobs in the medical and non-profit sector. These companies and individuals would not prosper if diabetes was cured naturally or prevented naturally. I know this is a dark topic but if we cure the diabetes epidemic naturally, we put these guys out of business and it is BIG business.

I remember watching a YouTube video of a doctor giving a lecture on how to cure diabetes naturally. He was asked to write an article (for money) in a well-known diabetes magazine. However, it was never published because he refused to do what the editor asked: modify his article so it didn't say that diabetes was curable. He was told by the editor that they couldn't publish an article that said that because the advertisers would never stand for it. (I'll look for that link and edit this post to include a link to that later if I can find it - if anyone reading this knows offhand, please post it here).

So, my main message to my readers is this: be very very wary of any information you read on websites, magazines, brochures, etc that include any advertising from the mainstream medical establishment, especially ads for diabetes pharmaceuticals and diabetes supplies. In my opinion, these sources of information are highly suspect and not in any way balanced. They will not tell you the truth, certainly not the full truth, because their advertisers simply won't stand for it.

Consider the source of all information you receive and please understand why there aren't more people like me out there telling you the truth about how to reverse and prevent type 2 diabetes naturally.


P.S. As an important side note: I was recently told by the webmaster of a large diabetes site that she could not link to my blog because she did not believe that diabetes could be reversed. She wouldn't even engage in an informed dialog on the issue. There are pharmaceutical ads and diabetes supply ads on her site.

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