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This Is a Step-By-Step Cure For Diabetes Developed By Scientists
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The "Egg Song" & Why I'm So Happy About Breakfast

These days I find myself humming, singing, and whistling the "Egg Song" as I make breakfast. Why am I so chipper this early in the morning? Well, first the "Egg Song" is an incredibly catchy and contagious tune that just seems to jump in my head when I cook eggs. I've been cooking eggs in one fashion or another most mornings since I started my low carb high protein diet to help reverse my diabetes so this tune has been rolling around in my head a lot. Second, I have seen a huge improvement in my overall energy level for the last few weeks of being on this diet. I want to emphasize it's not a minor improvement but a very noticeable BIG improvement. I'm not usually a morning person but lately I've been waking up earlier. I have way more energy and I'm more mentally alert. I attribute this to the diet I'm on and other life style changes that have put my blood sugar levels back in the normal range in a short amount of time.

My Grandma used to say that if you eat something sweet at breakfast, you'll be hungry the rest of the day. From my own personal experience, I think she was right. I'll also add that if I eat a high protein really low carb breakfast, my blood sugar will be more stable the rest of the day. Even if I throw a little extra carb in later in the day, this seems to be true. By the way, I don't mean I can go crazy on carbs but I do mean that starting the day off with mostly protein does seem to have a lasting effect when I eat carbs later in the day. There are many others who have tested this and have found it to be true as well. For me, that usually means two eggs cooked one of my favorite ways prepared to the tune of the "Egg Song." Sometimes I add other stuff like cottage cheese, low carb yogurt, or a breakfast meat if I make my eggs plain. Other times I keep it really simple and just eat the eggs.

Eggs are the perfect food for the diabetic. Each egg is 6-8 grams of the highest quality protein found in nature with only a trace of carb. They are one of the most versatile foods on Earth and even the most expensive highest quality eggs are a relatively cheap source of protein. In other words, you get a big bang for your buck. I've long been a fan of the egg and always thought they got a bad rap due to the anti-cholesterol craze.

By the way, the "Incredible Edible Egg," dubbed the "Egg Song" by many, was a jingle created by the American Egg Board as a public relations campaign to combat the negative publicity eggs had received by the medical establishment and those companies marketing low cholesterol products. However, at the same time, the American Egg Board also funded several research studies on the health benefits of eggs. Unlike the studies funded by many trade organizations, these studies turned out to be very legitimate and earned the respect of the scientific community and the medical community. Even the American Heart Association became convinced that eggs were not as evil as originally thought and ended up increasing their recommendation on how many eggs would be healthy to eat per week which I believe is 4 now, yolk included. I obviously eat more than they recommend. I've always been a rebel :-)

I for one will be happy to start my day off with some incredible edible eggs and singing the "Egg Song." Remember food is medicine. It can change your life. It can improve your mood, give you more energy, reverse your diabetes, and just make you happier overall.

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